From the Principal

 What’s Coming Up?

  • Wed. 11/8 (day 5): Red, White and Blue Day Veteran’s Day Assembly 9:30am
  • Thurs. 11/9 (day 1): Fall Picture Retake Day morning only
  • Fri. 11/10 (day 2): Jump Rope for Heart during PE classes
  • Mon. 11/13 (day 3): Enjoy the day!
  • Tues. 11/14 (day 4): Enjoy the day!

Leaf Raking Day… is this Saturday from 8:00-12:00. This year our theme is to “Be the Change” and this is the perfect opportunity to get the family together and Be the Change for people in our neighborhood. The work lasts about 2 and half hours and then you head over to OLHMS for a delicious FREE lunch! For every Hannum child that comes on Saturday, we will put their names in a raffle and 2 of those students will win Pizza with the Principal for lunch. They will be able to invite 3 friends to join them. Please consider giving up a little bit of your time for this very worthy cause in helping senior citizens and the disabled to do a necessary chore. You’ll feel great when you’re finished! Halloween Candy: When packing your child’s lunch or when they are packing their lunch, please make sure to watch how much Halloween candy they have packed. Two pieces should be enough for a little treat. Some students last week brought WAY more than that. Thanks for your help.


Tardies… If you are dropping your child off after 8:35, you will need to get out of the car to sign them in. Many parents just drop and go. With the extraordinary amount of tardies we have had, we need to tighten up our procedures to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. If your child comes in after 9:00 we cannot order them a lunch. We have to call OLHMS and place our order before 9:00. You will need to provide a lunch if that happens.


Erin’s Law Presentations: Our annual Erin’s Law presentations will take place during students PE classes on Thursday November 16th. Erin’s Law is something that went into effect a few years ago that mandates that school teach students about personal body safety and how to speak up if being abused.


Mrs. Anne Marie McGovern

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